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Shower room or full bathroom?

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Figure17a Sat 28-Jan-17 20:34:19

We're thinking of some a possible extension and/or some renovations and have several options.

I've never hankered after an en-suite bathroom but I understand some do. I've always felt I don't particularly want to hear what DH is up to in there from my bed! Also not over keen on having an extra bathroom to clean.

Anyway with two teens in the house, it's become apparent that we could do with an extra shower. Currently have a family bathroom and a downstairs loo in a decent sized four bed house.

We could pinch a bit from our bedroom and make an en-suite shower room (i.e.a room with just a shower) or pinch a bigger bit and make it a proper ensuite with a sink and toilet.


We could pinch a bit from another room and build either a separate shower room or bathroom with shower sink and toilet, which would be stand alone, i.e. not ensuite to any room, but have an entrance from the landing.


We could covert part of the double length garage to a utility room and good sized extra bathroom.

From a practical POV, for the way we use the house, I'd go for the separate shower room upstairs. We don't need an extra toilet, 2 between 4 is perfectly adequate! Having it separate gives more flexibility with regard to who uses it.

However, I realise this is odd compared to the way most modern houses are configured. WWYD?

notMarlene Sat 28-Jan-17 20:41:47

Could you not do a jack and jill bathroom, opening from the landing and from your bedroom?

I'd not go for a shower room with no loo in any case. A lot of people have a pavlovian need to wee before getting into the shower.

user1471549018 Sat 28-Jan-17 20:57:05

I'd pinch space from another room (I hate tiny en suites that also make master bedrooms much smaller)

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