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Commuting to London Bridge/City

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Zermatt Thu 19-Jan-17 04:33:15

We will shortly be relocating back to the UK after living abroad for the last 7 years. DH will be working in the city of London, we would like to find somewhere to live that he can commute easily enough from, maybe no more than 1.15 mins door to door. We have 2 very young children so would like somewhere good for a young family with plenty of activities/community that we can tap into. I think the problem we have is too much choice, anyone have somewhere they would recommend?

Pootlebug Thu 19-Jan-17 04:40:36

What is your budget - either for renting or buying? How many bedrooms?

RicStar Thu 19-Jan-17 04:51:10

What is your budget? Will you be renting or buying somewhere to live? What do you want feel wise in the city / suburban / out of town. What about schools - how old are the kids - state or private? I live in Herne hill - DH works in city I work in SW1 (part time) we have two small DC (2 & 4). 4 year old is in a great community school. Our commute times are about 20 mins door to door by public transport or longer if we walk / run / cycle but have those options. It suits us very well as I absolutely do not want to move 'out' but we have a small expensive house / it's always busy everywhere/ high street is only ok so it depends what you want / can afford.

Zermatt Thu 19-Jan-17 05:09:52

Yes we will have to rent initially as we will need to get re-established before we can get a mortgage approved I think. Would rent 3 bed but buy 4 bed. Budget to buy would be up to 750k although could be a bit more or less depending on a few things that will become clearer when we are actually back. We are fortunate enough that if we had to put the kids through private education we can afford to do so, which means schools and catchment areas aren't quite as much of a deal breaker as they may be otherwise. Happy with a decent sized town or a village close to a bigger town, rural idyl is a nice idea in theory but expect we would feel a bit isolated.

witwootoodleoo Thu 19-Jan-17 05:37:33

Within 15 mins of London Bridge you're not really looking at town/village let alone rural idyl. You're looking at part of the London sprawl.... if you can stretch to 20 mins Elmstead Woods and Chislehurst are nice

Zermatt Thu 19-Jan-17 05:40:16

One hour and fifteen mins! Sorry wasn't clear

Manumission Thu 19-Jan-17 05:41:11


Manumission Thu 19-Jan-17 05:46:40

Or various villages near to Horsham such as Henfield.

Or maybe West Kent. Tonbridge, Westerham, Sevenoaks kind of area?

witwootoodleoo Thu 19-Jan-17 05:47:58

Oh right lots more options. Wouldn't do Horsham as limited direct trains to London Bridge as more go into Victoria and impacted by ongoing strikes and who knows how long that will go on for.

Chelsfield is surprisingly good for commuting with fast trains to London Bridge and right on the edge of the countryside. You'd get a really nice house for your money. Sevenoaks could work too but pricier.

HalleLouja Thu 19-Jan-17 05:53:11

Harpenden, St Albans, Radlett, Hitchin and Wheathampstead are all lovely and there are great schools too round that way.

mrsmortis Thu 19-Jan-17 11:33:32

Anywhere out of Liverpool Street is good for the City. Chelmsford, Witham, Kelvedon even Colchester might work, depending on how far from the station you find something.

Remember to look at the cost of the commute too though. A season ticket isn't cheap.

CMOTDibbler Thu 19-Jan-17 11:46:05

We used to live in East Grinstead, and DH worked in the City. A bit of a slow train, but as you go terminus to terminus you get a seat which is good. Its a nice small town

nougatsquirrel Thu 19-Jan-17 18:53:28

It took me a year, but I now love living in Staplehurst. 55 minutes away from London Bridge. You always get seat on a train. Childrens centres in Cranbrook, Paddock Wood, Headcorn. Lots of hiking trains. Playgroups at the local churches (Allsaints, Free and United Reformed). Rhyme time at the library. Messy play at the health clinic. If you drive (I don't) its even better as you can access more local activities. The village itself is basic but has everything you need: butchers, Spar, post office, library, health centre, farmers shops. Lovely cafe (Helen's and Frankies). Best of all, the properties are realistically valued.

nougatsquirrel Thu 19-Jan-17 18:57:25

Oh and its in the Cranbrook School catchment area. Here is a sample property:

StumblyMonkey Thu 19-Jan-17 18:58:00

Anywhere with trains that go into Waterloo is also good for the City/London Bridge.

That would mainly be Surrey/Hampshire.....Godalming, Haslemere, Alton, Farnham...all very nice places to live.

MaryWortleyMontagu Thu 19-Jan-17 19:11:07

Blackheath or the surrounding areas (lee, hither green etc). It's a lovely green villagey place to live and bring up kids. Great primary schools in both sectors and it's only 15 minutes from London bridge (I know you said 1 hour 15 but this is really 15 minutes - well when southeastern are running to time that is!)

TheWitchwithNoName Thu 19-Jan-17 19:14:33

I'm in Bromley south, it's about 10 minutes to Hayes station by bus (end of line, guaranteed a seat) and then 40 minutes direct to London Bridge. Well within your budget as well.

Surreyblah Thu 19-Jan-17 19:17:19

The City isn't all that near London Bridge, is he OK with the tube?

Southern trains are a right pain at present.

TurboTheChicken Thu 19-Jan-17 19:21:24

My husband walks from London Bridge to the City, it's a 15 minute walk!

How about Sydenham, or did you want to be further out?

LillyLollyLandy Thu 19-Jan-17 19:36:42

Another vote for Blackheath/Hither Green/Lee!

TurquoiseDress Fri 20-Jan-17 16:28:33


New Beckenham train station is in zone 4- there's the Charing Cross line & Cannon street line trains that go through

TheNaze73 Fri 20-Jan-17 16:33:21

Essex has great links into Liverpool Street & Fenchurch

empirerecordsrocked Fri 20-Jan-17 16:35:33

My commute is 30 minutes to Cannon Street direct - I love it - no need for the tube, which is hellish at London Bridge and Waterloo I rush hour of you want to get on Waterloo & City.

Sundridge Park / Bromley North. You'd be in budget.

Zermatt Sat 21-Jan-17 00:05:02

Great suggestions thanks everyone. Lots of food for thought. DH thinks we should look at Guildford, Walton on Thames, Oxted, Tonbridge, Tunbridge Wells and Sevenoaks. Although not all of these are on the LB line, but they would also provide a decent trip into London, not too hard to get down to the south west or coast either...🤔

TheMightyMing Sat 21-Jan-17 00:13:02

Can second the hell that is Waterloo and City, I'm from the north but had to do the tube from bank to Waterloo and then back in the rush hour the next day last week, not something I'll be looking to repeat anytime soon

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