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Moving to Birmingham - Area advice

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SquirrelWatcher Thu 05-Jan-17 16:23:20

Myself and DP want to buy a house this year. We are early 30s, currently live in London and have a nice standard of living, but can't see a way we'll ever be able to have a family home here. We rent a lovely flat at the moment but couldn't afford to buy a shoebox here!

So we are thinking of moving to Birmingham.

DP is from there but left for London age 18 so doesn't really know areas apart from where his parents live - and his 12 years out of date info on which areas are rough/shabby!

Budget is 230K, we want a 3 bedroom house with a garden. I don't drive, though I would plan to learn once moved, so needs public transport links.
So far we are thinking of Erdington or Yardley.

Where would people living in Birmingham recommen at the budget?

SellFridges Thu 05-Jan-17 18:12:43

Will you be working in Birmingham? Need access to trains or motorways or just any public transport?

I always recommend South Birmingham - Kings Norton, Stirchley, Kings Heath, Cotteridge, possibly Selly Oak.

Only thing is, 3 bed houses are in pretty short supply - most are terraced and tend to be 2 big beds.

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