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what if you last minute cancel a contractor?

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user1467297746 Wed 28-Dec-16 21:22:06

I had a quote for damp proofing - it seemed good but now my brother is telling me that the injection should be below the wooden joists holding up the floor. I've searched online and that seems to be true!

The damp proofing people came around today and hacked some of the plaster off the walls. supposed to come back tomorrow to carry on and drill the holes in the wall.

they arent planning to take floorboards up..

but actually I think we will need to take floor boards up becos they put their foot thru the floor boards becos it has wood worm!

now I am worried that they arent doing it right. and looks like we have to take floorboards up anyway!

what would you do?

Tatey25 Thu 29-Dec-16 01:06:06

I would, with your contractor's agreement, suspend their services whilst you investigate the method and extent of work required. If their method is found to be incorrect you have a legitimate route to terminating their contract without the risk of them claiming damages. The damp proofing association should be able to offer help in relation to the correct method of works and recommend a suitably competent contractor, if this one turns out to be incompetent. They also offer impartial damp surveys and advice. Be careful terminating your existing contractors agreement. If you have entered into contract they could be eligible to claim damages if you do not terminate the contract property, assuming you have entered into a contract with them. Regards


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