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IKEA kallax vs besta for toy storage

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Mumneedstea Wed 09-Nov-16 19:55:07

Hi all,

I am looking for storage solutions in our newly extended family room and cannot decide between the Ikea kallax and besta systems. The new extension has an entire stretch of empty wall with just a wall mounted TV in the middle. I have about 150 cms on each side of the TV. I don't want storage covering the entire height of the wall... So anything up to 100 cms on both sides will be good enough. Depth can be up to 40 cms.

If possible, I would like both sides to look symmetrical... However, one side will be used for toy storage and the other for random things like files, media and tech items etc.

So what would work better.. Kallax or besta? Also, any recommendations on the kind of combinations that would work - I.e. Do I go for open ones with box inserts, or ones with doors or the ones with the double drawers? I don't want to buy something and then realise that a different combination would have worked better confused

TIA smile

Mumneedstea Wed 09-Nov-16 20:22:43

And now I have found the IKEA Valje system !! confused

AliceThrewTheFookingGlass Wed 09-Nov-16 20:36:58

I have the 4 cubed Kalax to store toys in the living room and love it. I'm hoping to get another after Christmas. The boxes hold loads of toys even if you just fling them in, with clever packing they hold even more.

No idea about the other one.

Luciferbox Wed 09-Nov-16 20:40:29

Another vote for kallax here. They hold so much.

FlouncingInAWinterWonderland Wed 09-Nov-16 20:42:42

Big fan of the Kallax, we have the older Expedit generation.

When the DC were young we had multicoloured boxes. Over the years we've replaced some with doors and drawers and upgraded the boxes. The boxes are so light weight and easy for the DC to pull out. If they get grubby after a couple of years they're cheap to replace. Likewise if you change your colour scheme, its no hassle to just swap the colours.

orangebird69 Wed 09-Nov-16 20:46:16

Another Kallax vote here.

Mumneedstea Wed 09-Nov-16 21:51:23

Kallax it is then! Besta dimensions would anyways have been a bit awkward...

Any suggestions for what sort of combinations I can get.. I have space for 4 x 3 kallax structure on both sides.. Do I just go with plain frames with storage boxes or would you recommend some drawers for smaller items??

Thanks smile

ijustwannadance Wed 09-Nov-16 21:55:39

We have the old kallax (expedit) units in white. The fabric boxes are only £2.50 so easy and cheap to swap if you fancy a change or redecorate. They hold loads.

The cupboard/drawer inserts are great if you want a more solid look.

HRarehoundingme Wed 09-Nov-16 21:56:15

I am a nanny and have had Trofast but prefer the kalmar however I have now fallen in love with hensvik and want to get this for my current playroom at work.

AppleMagic Wed 09-Nov-16 21:57:04

Are you on Pinterest? If you search for IKEA Kallax on their they have loads of pictures of stylish ways to organise it so it doesn't look too IKEA same-y.

LittleStripyBee Wed 09-Nov-16 22:01:06

We have both, the kallax is far sturdier, the besta has weak shelf brackets but the kallax shelves are not loose but screwed right into the frame, which makes the overall structure much more solid.

wonderwoo Wed 09-Nov-16 22:11:13

We have kallax with a mixture of boxes, cupboard doors, drawers and also nothing in (I just put the more attractive wooden toys in these ones). I think it looks good. I thought hard about exactly what I wanted to store and how many drawers etc I needed first. I do think all boxes could look a bit harsh. The boxes are great though... they hold so much and are a great use of the space.

namechangedtoday15 Thu 10-Nov-16 09:20:18

We've had both. I'd say it depends on what look you are going for and what you might want in the long term. I agree that the Kallaz / Expedit lends itself very well to toy storage / family rooms and the fact that you can get colourful inserts or storage boxes is nice for an overall child-friendly look.

The Besta range I think is more "grown up" if you see what I mean, the fact that it has proper drawer front / doors (in more contemporary finishes) means it doesn't shout "toys" - we had it in toy-free seating area. I also think it looks less immediately identifiable as IKEA! I think if you're wanting something that will fit in your room when its not so child-oriented then Besta is better than Kallax.

We had a double Besta unit wall mounted so it was very sturdy - although it wasn't rammed full.

MiaowTheCat Thu 10-Nov-16 12:10:17

I have a bit of a Kallax addiction. I love the ways you can chop and change it so it looks different - we've got a little dresser unit with the drawer inserts which is fab for things like the multitude of hair bobbles that breed everywhere if you've got a house of little girls, we've got one unit for bookshelves and holes left for ornaments, another 1x4 and 2x4 screwed together for toy storage - mix of drona boxes for things like Lego, train set etc and open holes for things like jigsaws that are easily stored... then I've got a kallax desk set up with work files and the like, and my craft room has kallax with a kitchen bench offcut screwed on top for a worktop.

Our house looked really cluttered with kid and man crap until we went down this route and I swear it looks twice the size now - I don't think it even looks too kiddified depending on the colour scheme you pick for boxes etc.

FlouncingInAWinterWonderland Thu 10-Nov-16 21:49:53

When my DC were younger, toddler age, we had the third ones up as cupboards and book shelves. This to me was the risk of pulling down on yourself height for boxes. When full the boxes hold quite a bit.

If your DC are young cupboards, drawers or shelves would work well at that height.

Mumneedstea Fri 11-Nov-16 22:36:06

Thanks everyone your responses! I will be going to IKEA next week and I am really looking forward to it smile smile
Question: can the drawers be added later? Also, does Ikea have a kallax designing space so that I can sit down and mix and match what I need? I have done something similar for the pax wardrobes, but don't know if they have a kallax designing station.

amyboo Sat 12-Nov-16 06:34:36

We have a mix of Trofast (with the sliding plastic tubs) and Kallax. I really like the fabric boxes - hold loads, aren't heavy for the kids to pull out and cheap to replace when they get mucky or you fancy a different colour. We also have some drawers in our unit for storing paper, pencils etc. They're quite good but stuff falls out quite easily as they're not very deep at the back. You could definitely fit cupboards and drawers quite easily later on if you needed.

FlouncingInAWinterWonderland Sat 12-Nov-16 16:53:29

The drawers and doors are like a slide in module that then screws into the main unit so can be added/ removed at any time without pulling out the main unit.

If you remove a module you will have small screw holes though, in the inner sides of a square. Not a problem if there's a box or other module but if you wanted it to be open shelving may be less desirable.

Mumneedstea Sat 12-Nov-16 23:26:42

Thanks Flouncing that was very helpful!

Is it easy to make up your own combination? I will have space for 4 horizontal by 3 vertical.. But Ikea doesn't do a frame in this size. My only option is to mount a 4x1 on top of a 4x2... But wondering if the thicker edges put together will look odd... IYSWIM


FlouncingInAWinterWonderland Sun 13-Nov-16 09:05:59

We've purchased and cut down before - but we are DIY enthusiasts and it was rather fiddly.

Would 3 off 4x1's stood vertically and screwed together and to the wall look better?

FlouncingInAWinterWonderland Sun 13-Nov-16 09:06:29

Sorry wrong way around - horizontally

Mumneedstea Mon 21-Nov-16 12:28:45

Thanks Flouncing! I doubt we will fiddle around with the design a lot... if you haven't figured it out already with all my questions, we are very bad at DIY smile

I am finally off to Ikea this week and looking forward to having all the toys packed away neatly. Unfortunately, Ikea have discontinued the red Drona boxes!! sad sad and I was really looking forward to a red and white combination as we already have a bit of red in our family room!

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