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Sinks! Anybody love/hate theirs

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RobinBanksisInnocent Sat 29-Oct-16 09:03:30

We currently have a stainless steel one which I loathe with every fibre of my soul blush - we live in a hard water area and one drip on it and it looks mucky.
I've had a butler sink before which I loved but fancy a 11/2 sink (which is the only good thing about our loathesome sink) and don't think you can get that with a butler sink.

Anyone got any thoughts on this fascinating topic?! thlgrin

MiaowTheCat Sat 29-Oct-16 12:20:40

Ours is a black 1 1/2 sink and it drives me bloody mad as it shows every single drip of water and never ever ever looks clean.

RobinBanksisInnocent Sat 29-Oct-16 12:40:07

Right, that's black sinks ruled out then! I read somewhere that white composite really stains though...

Wallykazam Sat 29-Oct-16 12:46:37


jojosapphire Sat 29-Oct-16 18:51:34

We had a white 1.5 bowl ceramic sink which didnt show scale too much. was 8 years old when we moved out and still looking quite good though did have a couple of scratches just moved into a house with a v old white composite sink and its horrid unless just bleached! Will be installing a water softener when we start the extention!

shutthatbloodydoor Sat 29-Oct-16 18:54:58

I've got a double butlers sink in the kitchen which I love but the SS in the utility is too small, I can't fit the tumble drier filter or a bucket underneath. Definitely don't have a small, shallow one.

SpookyMooky Sat 29-Oct-16 19:47:19

I had a ceramic "normal" one like jojo - 1.5 sinks plus draining board. Totally loved it. Bleachable, scrubbable, looked beautifully clean. I am surprised they are not the norm to be honest.

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