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Right at the start of moving location. Help me with some questions

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greenfolder Sun 23-Oct-16 18:56:12

Was planning on relocating next summer but a potential job has come up which means I might need to try and move quicker. Moving from Bedfordshire to East sussex. Prices are roughly the same in both areas and we want to try and move without a mortgage if it can be managed(due to pay it off in the summer hence original timescale.

So. Generally speaking how accurate are zoopla and mouse price for valuations. In the right ball park. 10 percent either way. Or not to be trusted? How much commission do estate agents charge? Sale price will be around 400k. Generally speaking what sort of offers are people likely to put in? Again, 10 percent below asking? My most recent experience is a little while ago in a rising market hence the questions. Thanks,

JoJoSM2 Sun 23-Oct-16 21:27:20

Zoopla estimates can be very off... (in my experience). An agent is likely to cost you a few grand so I'd opt for an online agent (only a small fee but you do your own viewings, they do photos, floorplans and post things online, manage viewings and offers). I can recommend Property Eagle as we've used them a few times and have been very pleased.

In terms of offers, it depends on your asking price really... People will view several properties in the area and have an idea whether they think yours is worth more or less. It also depends on how hot the local market is. In my experience, I've offered considerably below asking price on some properties butI have also paid over the asking price if it was low and there was a lot of interest.
Perhaps you could have a look online or even go to view a few similar houses locally in person to get an idea where your house is at by comparison.

wowfudge Mon 24-Oct-16 04:31:04

Zoopla is useless when it comes to valuations. Recent sold prices of local properties are the best guide. Estate agents will be able to tell you agreed purchase prices for properties on their books/sold and not yet showing up. Get three round to give you valuations and 'interview' them for the job of selling your house.

I've not been impressed by any online agents and you need to read their Ts and Cs very carefully - some charge you a fee whether or not they get you a sale. We used a high street agent and, after a shaky start, where they really earned their fee was in the sales progression.

FlossieFrog Mon 24-Oct-16 13:17:42

Zoopla is probably not far off if you're looking at a street full of very similar houses. However if you're looking at unique houses then it is pronbably just based upon previous sale value uplifted for house price index rises.

I would contact some estate agents and get an idea from them on how the market is in their area.

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