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Scared of gazumping

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lostowl Fri 21-Oct-16 08:35:34

The house I agreed a sale price on (15/9) was being marketed by 2 agencies. I went though the agent who first introduced us to the property and the other agency who lost took the property off Rightmove and rightly so.

However I've just thought of looking at the losing agency's website and sure enough it's still listed there. When we agreed the sale in September this other agent said they would not show anyone else around but from what I've witnessed and heard of their dealings I don't trust them. I want them to take the house off their own website as I wouldn't be surprised if they are letting people view and hoping for a gazumping situation against me and the agent who won.

What shall I do?


ClarkL Fri 21-Oct-16 08:59:55

I'd make it clear that your offer is conditional on it being marked as sold subject to contract, insist they do this or retract your offer. If you do, and still want the house I'd contact the other estate agents and see if they are willing to engage with the seller again and handle the sale.

lostowl Fri 21-Oct-16 09:12:24

The agents I'm dealing with have put it sold stc. It's the other agents who lost out who haven't done this on their own website.

PurpleDaisies Fri 21-Oct-16 09:13:45

You can tell your vendor to instruct the other agents to remove it from their site. I'd be very unhappy with it still being marketed as available.

Leopard12 Fri 21-Oct-16 09:23:13

Ring them or get someone else to with a false name and ask for a viewing, then you'll know for sure, it may just be they've forgotten to take it down, if they offer a viewing contact your current estate agents to inform the vendors and tell them if it's not removed and the veiwing cancelled you will withdraw your offer.

lostowl Fri 21-Oct-16 10:11:25

I rang the 'loser' estate agents and they said that someone called this morning to ask for a viewing!! I am pissed off, but the agent did say that they don't have the keys anymore (because they're not the ones who sold the house of course) and have to contact the vendor about every request for a viewing just in case the vendor wants a viewing (which I hope he would not!) -- the idiot agent also said that it's still within contract so they're keeping it up on their site. What happened is the vendor went with the second agent just as we sold and we are dealing with the original agent who showed us around. This second agent is being awkward and although cannot physically show anyone around, this behaviour is pathetic.

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