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Rogue landlord

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Nothingbutrain Tue 18-Oct-16 14:20:36

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Rogue landlord1
Today 13:33 Nothingbutrain

I have been living in a flat which is subletted by an agency to my current landlady.

She has done many dodgy things. I found the place needing somewhere quick to move into through air bnb but stayed on and paid her weekly rent. I have been there since July 2nd but do not have a contract.

Last Monday she said we (other flatmates - some with contracts) had three and a half weeks to move out as she was handing the flat back to the agency. Is this legally enough notice we have been given?

Currently one of the showers hot water barely works and in the kitchen we can't open the door and window to outside so there is no fire safety escape.

There is no living room as that has been converted into another bedroom. She does alot of dodgy things and didn't put my flatmates deposits into the government deposit scheme. She also us subletting but I don't think it's her name on the flat.

She really doesn't have a clue what she is doing.

What are my legal rights in regards to being given less than a months notice and other things.

I pay my rent weekly and an tempted not to after her not bothering to fix things as hot water.

I have tried to ring shelter UK but they seem to be quite busy.

Thankyou all

specialsubject Tue 18-Oct-16 16:03:31

30 secs on the shelter site or on gov. uk (read the how to rent booklet) will tell you where you stand.

you are obligated to pay the rent as long as you live there. Do that and she can't evict you because (assuming she doesn't live there too) any section 21 notice will be invalid. Stop paying the rent and she can use a section 8, although it will still be six months to the bailiffs. If you were to hang on for that, you will be liable for the costs.

can't make out who is the actual owner (it won't be the letting agent).

suggestion; report to environmental health for breach of HMO rules. Sue for non-protection of deposit.

and move on. The only way to stamp out dodgy landlords is to use the law (as above) and stop paying them.

Sunnyshores Wed 19-Oct-16 15:05:48

Go to your local court and get a form to sue for non protection of deposit (they will know which one). You can be awarded 3 times your deposit.

Although re-reading Im not sure you have paid a deposit? You were an Airbnb guest who stayed on?

You do need further advice from Shelter as Im not sure what your weekly agreement means. Your flatmates with contracts should have at least two months notice.

Perhaps you could speak to the Agency and tell them you are all tenants with existing contracts and arent able to move in 3 weeks.

All the other 'dodgy' dangerous things she has done should have been reported to Housing Standards at your council - do it now before she moves on to another property. She has been running an illegal HMO and putting your lives in danger

OurBlanche Wed 19-Oct-16 15:08:56

Sounds as though you may be lodgers not tenants, so you have no real protection and can be asked to leave, right now!

Try posting in Landlordzone's Residential Lettings forum... there are a couple of well versed legal bods over there who may be able to unravel it for you.

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