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I need some serious immediate help

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AndShesGone Thu 13-Oct-16 17:29:55

I've moved out my house, I move into a rented tomorrow.

Dh and I went through all the documentation with the estate agent, she said it was fine.

We signed a tenancy agreement and paid a deposit. Funds from sale due to be sent by Chaps tomorrow when the rental agent will release the keys.

Now, after all of my stuff has gone to overnight in a yard the agency are saying I haven't provided enough ID to do the right to rent check! They photographed all my ID and only now I can't do anything are they saying they won't release the keys tomorrow!

Does anyone know if my tenancy agreement is binding?

AndShesGone Thu 13-Oct-16 17:38:21


Totally desperate

specialsubject Thu 13-Oct-16 17:38:47

You need right to rent wherever so this is worth sorting. Phone them, ask to speak to a manager urgently and find put what is missing.

Book a hotel for the weekend as a backup and keep phoning.

AndShesGone Thu 13-Oct-16 17:43:43

They want either my birth certificate or passport - but they have been packed by the movers on the truck.

There is no way to find it without unpacking.
Approx 100 boxes plus a 4 bed house worth of stuff! It's actually impossible to find it without unpacking.

Do you know if they should have put the tenancy agreement in place without it?

minipie Thu 13-Oct-16 17:53:23

I am pretty sure the tenancy agreement is still binding on the landlord. It's your landlord's obligation to do the check before signing, and it's their problem if they haven't. So legally you are entitled to move in. I would be pressing that. However if they don't roll over this doesn't help you much with the immediate problem.

What ID did you provide?

Do you have a scan anywhere of your passport or birth cert?

minipie Thu 13-Oct-16 18:00:04

Slide 3 of this document shows what is acceptable ID.

You might be able to pull some of this together quickly, here are some things you might be able to get hold of tonight possibly:

- drivers licence
- letter of attestation from your employer
- letter of attestation from an "acceptable professional" (See the list of professions at slide 35, it's quite wide) who knows you

You need 2 of the above - any chance you could manage that?

specialsubject Thu 13-Oct-16 20:14:53

Ah.I see the issue.

If all else fails, you can get the birth certificate from the GRO on priority service - despatch on monday if order tomorrow.

Landlord has to do it but agent has clearly cocked up.

johnd2 Fri 14-Oct-16 14:59:08

If you have a signed tenancy agreement then technically you have the right to possession of the house. I would press them on that.
In fact, interestingly, technically you are just locked out of your home, so it may be more convenient to get a lock smith to let you in, and you have your tenancy agreement to confirm you are the rightful tenant. However I wouldn't recommend that except as a last resort!

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