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Please can anyone advise me or recommend a Notts plumber - getting despeate now!

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notagainnellie Thu 01-Sep-16 10:12:17

I currently have no shower that is fit for purpose. In the bathroom there is an electric one that gives a pathetic flow and a standard mixer off the taps that is very erratic with temp control. I find it ok, but ds (9) needs help and this needs sorting as he gets older. We have a traditional boiler with a tank .

In the ensuite there is the same type of electric shower as the bathroom, so not great and actually a bit weaker in there, despite being the same model and on the same floor of the house. In any case, it can't be used as it leaks - the tray needs resealing and one of the many tradespeople I've had out recently says "It's all moving." and needs to be completely replaced. He didn't come through with a quote.

I don't want to spend more than about £3K so thought doing the ensuite, maybe just the shower, would be cheaper than the whole bathroom, but it is proving impossible. People either don't come out at all, or come out and then don't provide a quote. B & Q man has just been and says it's all too small and awkwardly shaped for any of their products, and I wonder if that's why others aren't getting back to me. I assume Bathstore, Homebase etc would all say the same, which leaves me with the small firms/plumbers who are so hard to pin down.

I just want a shower that works, that the dc can use without me having to get wet/help them. I go back to work next week and can't believe I'm nowhere nearer to getting this sorted. I actually feel like crying now! Any adive/recommendations would be hugely appreciated.

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