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Buying a new build

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Tiredandtorn Sun 28-Aug-16 20:11:16

We're looking to move and quite like the look of a new build development. Between us, DH and I have bought and sold several times but never brand new so we're a bit lost. So a few questions:

Do you get a say in the decor, type of kitchen fitted etc

Or is it an unpainted blank canvas?

Are fees the same as buying an older house?

Are there likely to be greater complications with moving date/the house being ready?

Thanks in advance

Ruhrpott Sun 28-Aug-16 20:25:59

We bought a new build in 2010 and since sold it. You can negotiate the price and will probably have more success negotiating in extras rather than money off. We got to choose the kitchen from a choice of about 10 but not the kitchen design. We also choose the carpets, Lino, flooring and tiles in the bathrooms from a choice again from about 20 different ones. We could also choose door handles. Decor was standard white ceilings and magnolia walls. We could choose where we wanted power sockets and any extra ones we wanted.
There was no electricity in the garage so we added that and we added a shower over the family bath. Grass and carpets are sometimes an added extra. We also got the drive widened as there was a strange bit of sloping land which belonged to us between us and the neighbour.
They did keep to the moving in date but have heard this can sometimes be a problem.

lilymty Mon 29-Aug-16 18:33:53

We moved into our new build 2 months ago. We were told as soon as the roof goes on all the fittings have been chosen so it depends at what point you buy your house. We only got to pick the carpets. I would ask what is included in the price as alot of the things you see in show homes are extras, even down to fences with some companies.
Our fees cost us the same as if we were buying an older house. We had no problems with dates but the houses across the road are running 2 months behide so it all depends how lucky you are.

SweetPeaPods Mon 29-Aug-16 21:08:24

Lots varies on the builder. Some include choice of paint, most just offer white emulsion.
Some include turf, fitted wardrobes etc as standard, some don't.
As mentioned above, once roof is on many options have been chosen so depends on stage of build.
I would definitely negotiate for stamp duty and some extras thrown in.
We bought our existing house from new and wouldn't hesitate to buy new again.

Tiredandtorn Tue 30-Aug-16 06:11:33

Thanks everyone x

oatcakesarenotfood Tue 30-Aug-16 11:23:11

We have just exchanged contracts on our second new build, have lived in both old and new but definitely prefer the lower running costs of a new build. This time around we have bought from a small family owned developer with a good reputation for quality. We have been able to pick kitchen , bathrooms and flooring plus we were all to choose 4 paint colours rather than builders beige everywhere, which we were pleased about. The builder has been very accommodating about extras and changes too, all in all a much more pleasant experience than with our first new build which we bought from a national house builder.
With regards to price we got some money off and high quality flooring included ( Amtico, engineered oak and good quality carpets) The standard spec is high too with underfloor heating, quartz or granite kitchen surfaces, integrated appliances etc.
Hope it all goes well for you whatever you buy.

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