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What flooring for porch, dining room, sitting room & playroom?

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Peasandsweetcorn Mon 25-Jul-16 00:10:08

We are finally thinking about replacing the existing flooring in our place. Our house is a really odd shape. We have tiles in the kitchen & those will stay. The other downstairs rooms are the porch, cloakroom, dining room, sitting room & playroom. Other than the cloakroom, these rooms all run into each other.
Ideally, I would want carpet in the sitting room & playroom and wood/tile/similar in the porch & dining room but, due to the only access to the garden being off the playroom, I don't think we'll be able to have carpet anywhere as it will be filthy within days.
Any suggestions?

greenfolder Mon 25-Jul-16 07:26:15

We had karndean put down. It is bombproof I reckon! We have concrete floors underneath and if I did it again I would have underfloor heating as it is a bit cold in the winter.

TheresaMaybutSheMayNot Mon 25-Jul-16 07:28:44

It is a bit £££ but I would be tempted to have amtico/Karndean through from my front door and downstairs, it's so easily cleaned and stays looking pristine for years. We have it in our bathrooms (6yrs now) and it still looks the same as when we had it put in.
Personally I much prefer carpets in lounges, I think it makes them cosier and more comfortable for sitting on the floor for playing board games etc. BUT they do get trashed easily! Having said that a professional carpet clean once a year can work miracles.
We've tried the wood floors/huge rug route in the lounge instead of carpet but found it got really dusty round the edges and just wasn't the same.
Not sure any of that helps as I can't really visualise your layout but wipe clean stuff in the hall/playroom and carpet in the lounge would be my choice.

randomsabreuse Mon 25-Jul-16 07:31:43

Some kind of wipe clean flooring plus rugs. Probably not laminate as it scratches

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