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Who installs underfloor heating?

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ILovedThe90s Tue 05-Jul-16 01:30:28

Evening all. Hoping someone can shed light on this for me!

I want to have underfloor heating installed in my large dining room. I'll probably go for the electric mats (not having discussed it with a professional, just reading about it online). I can see these can be bought from places like Wickes and B&Q so implies it can be done as a DIY job (but not a job for me and my limited abilities).

So do I get the decorator to fit the UFH at the same time he installs the new flooring, or do I have to get an electrician to do it? Or a specialist company?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated flowers

LuisCarol Tue 05-Jul-16 01:36:54

Find an electrician you trust and ask them. Underfloor heating should be on a specified circuit which means only an electrician can wire a new installation up, whoever has fitted them.

ILovedThe90s Tue 05-Jul-16 01:52:07

Ah good advice thank you.

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