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Stain/paint/varnish for fence

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StillRunningWithScissors Thu 30-Jun-16 21:10:54

New fence almost done, so I need to decide how to finish it.

It's custom built (by me), with planed wood. We'd love to keep the natural look of the wood if possible, so most of the fence treatments I've seen aren't really right (the colour in them masks the look of the wood).

I was thinking of using something like deck stain, but it's a good deal more in cost (there are 14 panels to treat).

Wondering if there is an option I'm not thinking of.

Any thoughts?

Thank you

poppygolightly Sun 03-Jul-16 13:30:23

Could you use a Matt marine varnish? Look for the sort they use on boats in a big tin. Or paint on liquid wax which would protect the wood and not add colour?

PolterGoose Sun 03-Jul-16 13:47:16

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

PigletJohn Sun 03-Jul-16 22:57:01

it will expand and shrink a lot with the weather, which will crack paint and especially varnish. I would only use a waxy stain (shed and fence) or decking stain or oil, which is more transparent and lets the grain show through. I used some decking stuff in a green rectangular tub on my carport, and it looks much better than shed&fence stain and seems to be lasting better (it is more than twice the price). I think it was Ronseal or Wickes, I can look for the tub if you like. I have an idea I bought Red Cedar which has less colour than I usually get.

Cuprinol Wood Preserver is excellent for preventing rot and insect attack, but does not keep the rain out. Repeated wetting and drying will raise the grain of the timber and erode it so it becomes rough and weathered, and it will go grey.

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