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Kitchen splash back

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Gypsiestar Thu 23-Jun-16 02:59:44

Hi all,

Recently bought a brand new house and the kitchen has no splash back. I know that I want subway tiles and although I would love to go for a beautiful green tile, the kitchen is small, white cabinetry and bench and this is a stepping stone home, not a forever home, so need to keep things neutral and white. However...

I'm unsure of the finish I want. Plain or bevelled tiles? White grout, light grey grout or dark grey grout? Tile to the top of range hood or just tile all the walls straight up to the ceiling (saw this on pinterest and thought it looked nice but is it too much)?

Who would have thought a plain white splash back would cause so much indecision arghhh? What would you do?

MoonlightandMusic Thu 23-Jun-16 22:03:30

Go for the green as a 'pop' of colour in the kitchen? I'm assuming you're going to be there a year or so at least so you may as well!

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