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Rubber decking?

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LurkingQuietly Tue 31-May-16 18:20:10

Not sure whether this should be in "Gardening" but it didn't seem to really fit there.

Has anyone heard of/got rubber decking as an alternative to traditional timber decking in the garden? Really interested to hear views and opinions, please.

TheCrumpettyTree Tue 31-May-16 20:37:05

Haven't heard of rubber decking but we looked at composite decking. Unfortunately it was too expensive but it was lovely. Also looked at outdoor porcelain type tiles. Again very nice but out of our budget.

LurkingQuietly Tue 31-May-16 22:35:59

Thank you, will have a google of composite decking now. Weirdly, a carpenter who is quoting to put in decking won't lay timber anymore and only does rubber decking...never even heard of it!!

MuttonCadet Tue 31-May-16 22:37:00

Composite is fantastic, but pricey.

Never heard of rubber decking.

LurkingQuietly Wed 01-Jun-16 12:59:09

I think he means composite decking! I sent a text asking last night, but have yet to get a response.

Has anyone had composite decking? Any thoughts or reviews? Interested particularly in avoiding the upkeep of traditional timber decking. Thanks.

MuttonCadet Wed 01-Jun-16 22:19:57

Composite should last a lifetime without any maintenance.

It's mould and fungus resistant so doesn't need a yearly rub down.

It is very slippy when ice so be careful if you're planning on using it in winter.

OrangeNoodle Wed 01-Jun-16 22:28:20

We have composite. It is fantastic. It doesn't get slippery in the winter at all (even in a marine environment where we can get algae as well as ice in winter) as it has a slightly grainy texture to it. No algae. No ice. It just doesn't freeze. Cheaper composites with a flat finish might get icy though.

We used Timbertech Vertigrain.

Hensintheskirting Thu 02-Jun-16 15:16:36

Composite here too. It's great, no splinters and comes in different colours too...

LurkingQuietly Thu 02-Jun-16 17:12:07

Ooh, this sounds promising! Is it horrifically more expensive than timber? Trying to second guess the quote that I should be getting soon. The lack of maintenance required should be enough to persuade DH to spend the same as we would on a patio (I hope!)

MuttonCadet Sat 04-Jun-16 07:54:39

Yes, it is horrifically more expensive.

Triple the price.

LurkingQuietly Sat 04-Jun-16 08:37:01

Eek Mutton not what I wanted to hear!!

MuttonCadet Sat 04-Jun-16 11:40:20

Sorry, the good stuff is expensive but good value for money if you want your decking to last a lifetime.

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