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Can I lay laminate flooring on squeaky timber floor?

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Dee1984 Mon 16-May-16 11:22:27


Hubby and I and decorating the house before our first baby is born (due in August). We have explored our options and we thought laminate flooring would be best for the bedrooms. However, we have squeaky timber all over the top floor and we were wondering if it would wise to lay laminate on top of it. If it's ok, what can we do to make sure the new flooring is fitted well and avoid creaky laminate in the future? Or should we consider carpets instead?

Any help is highly appreciated smile

Kstar8 Mon 16-May-16 12:08:53

Adding screws on the squeaky boards should stop this? That's what we've done on our floor. We're replacing planks that have been chopped up too much and screwing done squeaky but decent planks.

scaryteacher Mon 16-May-16 14:46:14

We laid mdf over an existing floor in the study and put laminate on top of that to get a smooth and non squeaky surface. It's still there 15 years later!

Dee1984 Tue 17-May-16 20:24:55

Thank you ladies, this is very useful smile

PigletJohn Wed 18-May-16 12:44:30

is the old floor planks? Or chipboard? How old is the house?

PigletJohn Wed 18-May-16 12:44:55

is the old floor made of planks? Or chipboard? How old is the house?

LowDudgeon Wed 18-May-16 12:53:14

Yes, laying chipboard on top fixed the rubbish floor in our bathroom (many chopped-up badly replaced Victorian floorboards)

It's lovely now smile

PigletJohn Wed 18-May-16 14:04:27


I don't like chipboard.

LowDudgeon Wed 18-May-16 15:34:44

Actually, thinking on, it was ply grin (so I imagine my builder doesn't like chipboard either, PJ!)

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