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How to create light in a small modern property with small living room window...

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Luv2chat2U Sun 17-Apr-16 21:54:33

Hi all.

I've always lived in properties with large windows which is generous for natural light. My current property has amazing huge large sash windows, however I am moving to a new build which is smaller than my current home, as is the living room windows . I fear I will feel claustrophobic.

Please any tips as to how I can create lots of light. ( I am more concerned about the window in the living room than anything else.

Thanks in advance

Blondie1984 Sun 17-Apr-16 22:04:01

I've hear that mirrors can be very helpful for this - try having a google

citychick Sun 17-Apr-16 23:25:35

Yes, mirrors opposite the windows to reflect the light, I believe.

We have this issue, and so do my parents. My mum had extra down lights (spotlights) added which works well.

We have plenty of downlighting, I am more of a side lighting fan. We also have mirrors above the fireplaces, instead of pictures.

Also, I would imagine dark walls would equal darker room.

Pinterest will have some ideas.
Good luck!

JT05 Mon 18-Apr-16 08:13:08

Light coloured curtains lessen the contrast between light and dark, at the windows. Also when they are drawn back make sure they hang over the wall not the window.

Sandbagsandgladrags Mon 18-Apr-16 09:37:11

I'm very familiar with this problem! Here's what I suggest.

Yes to strategically placed mirrors but also to glass more generally. For example a white glass coffee table (if practical) can be great for bouncing light around.

Lighter coloured furniture can lift the room - avoid too much heavy oak etc. I used to think white furniture was all either uber modern or country cottage, but that isn't the case. There's lots of nice stuff available.

When it starts getting dark outside, the lack of light in your living room doesn't matter. Flick on a few nice lamps and wall lights with warm white bulbs and all is well. Your main problem will be during the day when there isn't much sun. For those times, LED 'natural light' bulbs are your friends. Have a spotlight in each corner of the ceiling - if you choose a white surround on a white ceiling they'll be very unobtrusive. Also consider a spotlight bar in the centre of the room, on a separate switch and again with natural white bulbs. I've done this, and when they're switched on I totally forget about them - it just feels like a light room, not an artificially lit room.

Finally, don't go too pale on the walls - it can look a bit dingy, especially if you go for the natural LEDs. You don't have to go navy blue or anything, just avoid wishy washy.

Luv2chat2U Mon 18-Apr-16 23:52:25

Wow the comments on hear have been amazing, lots of ideas to try out, thank you so much to all of you for your very useful tips...

@sandbagsandgladrags, your ideas have been great, light furniture makes sense though I have dark leather sofas and an oak coffee table. I'll have to shift the coffee table to the hallway, I guess.

Good tip on curtains @JT05

@citychicks & @blondie1984, mirrors it is!

CrookedTiara Tue 19-Apr-16 12:12:53

I had a big mirror (about six feet by six feet) custom-made for the inner wall of a darkish room in our old flat, which transformed it. The other thing that really made a difference was painting the original dark-stained floorboards with a pale grey floorpaint throughout the flat, which obviously may not suit you...

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