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What colour kitchen with Cream Rangemaster?

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thisisbloodyridiculous Sun 13-Mar-16 16:10:01

I am ordering my kitchen from DIY kitchens tomorrow and need your help!

We have a cream Classic Rangemaster cooker and are going for the Malton range at DIY kitchens. I ordered sample doors in Alabaster, Vanilla and Sage Green. The green we don't think is a good choice as it might make the room too dark, but we loved Alabaster. Vanilla looks to be a slightly yellower version of Alabaster.

Compared the samples to the range and Vanilla is a lighter shade of the colour of the range, so should we go for that? Or would it look strange the units all being a similar colour to the range? Alabaster isn't an exact match but might look okay? ARGH! Big decision, need MN input please!

RaphaellaTheSpanishWaterDog Sun 13-Mar-16 17:38:34

We had a cream Rangemaster Elan in our last two houses. The first house we chose to paint our units a bluey green colour - we already had the dual fuel oven from our previous house and TBH I'm now not sure it was the best colour combo. We loved the Rangemaster so bought another one (electric as we had no mains gas) and this time painted the units a creamy colour that was quite a good match for the oven colour. I can't recall what colour we used, but you can get an idea from the attached pics.

Here we've already started to paint our new units a taupey colour - although I may change this and go greyer - and haven't as yet purchased a range (we sold the old one with our last house) but my gut feeling is that the taupe units will look wrong with the cream range. Unfortunately we also have a cream Smeg fridge freezer and don't really want to introduce another colour/get rid of the f/f.....

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