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undercoat as a top coat

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Scoopmuckdizzy Fri 11-Mar-16 18:22:55

I've recently painted some doors and woodwork with undercoat in preparation for a gloss finish but have realised I actually prefer the look of the more Matt finish of the undercoat so am thinking of leaving the doors as they are without the gloss.

Are there any reasons why this wouldn't be a good idea ? I've tried googling but can't find an answer.

PigletJohn Fri 11-Mar-16 18:44:27

It's not durable, and it will hold dirty marks and be difficult to clean.

On doors in particular, even Eggshell soon shows dirty handprints and finger marks, you only need to have been handling a newspaper.

Looking on the bright side, it will be quite easy to lightly sand down and recoat every couple of months.

willfuckformichilenstarfood Fri 11-Mar-16 19:31:22

Eggshell is less 'shiny' than gloss. I would go with that as otherwise it will mark really easy. You can also buy water based eggshell which is 'abit more matt' than eggshell.

Can you tell I am married to a decorator? Haha x

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