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Outside top stopped working

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Wineandchease Fri 11-Mar-16 10:36:31

And I need it to clean up after my animals - any tips . Pressure never been amazing but worked . Not used much over winter and now hardly anything ?

Wineandchease Fri 11-Mar-16 10:36:46

Just to add their are no blockages

PigletJohn Fri 11-Mar-16 18:59:16

Assuming nobody isolated it during winter to prevent freezing, have a look up the spout for nesting wildlife. Brass garden bibtaps are usually very simple and durable.

Look up "how to change a washer" and take it apart, there is a chance you will find the jumper inside has come off its screw, or the washer has broken up, or the horseshoe washer/hairpin clip has come out of its groove. You will need a small and a medium adjustable wrench, and to turn off the water supply before you start. Or you can probably unscrew the whole tap from the wall socket and fit a new one. Garden taps are cheap and simple.

If you fit a new one, wind PTFE rape round the mounting screw thread (you will see what I mean) and if it does not finish upright, unscrew it and add a bit more tape so it stops turning a bit sooner.

PigletJohn Fri 11-Mar-16 19:02:33

ptfe TAPE

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