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References for rental

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MrsWhirling Wed 24-Feb-16 09:41:27

Hi all - we own our own home but We will have to rent soon for reasons I won't bore you with. I have noticed you need references to rent privately, but If we have never rented before how do we get references??? Thank you.

specialsubject Wed 24-Feb-16 10:55:58

it is rarely 'character' refs - decent landlords will do credit and income checks to make sure you can afford the place, so don't worry.

you'll also be asked to prove right of residence in the UK.

do read this:

MrsWhirling Wed 24-Feb-16 11:17:17

Oh wow, thanks! So when it says 'References required' it is credit references?

specialsubject Wed 24-Feb-16 11:59:07

yes - but the only way to be sure is to enquire.

if it is through an agent it probably won't be characters. If it is a gumtree ad you are on your own!

you have one big point in your favour; you've run a home before. That means you know about heating, ventilation and keeping moisture down and you are more likely to spot any issues that the landlord needs to know about.

Diamogs Wed 24-Feb-16 12:39:16

Usually credit reference check, employment check and previous landlord check - as no previous landlord you could produce mortgage statement to show that you have always paid your mortgage on time?

SauvignonPlonker Wed 24-Feb-16 13:15:44

As Diamogs says above. As a LL & tenant, I've always asked for 3-6 months bank statements too, plus passport. There's new legislation about proving residency too.

MrsWhirling Wed 24-Feb-16 18:28:44

That's brilliant, thank you for your advice x

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