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Estimated running costs for 1930 semi

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KrakenAwakes Sat 20-Feb-16 19:44:28

Wasn't sure whether to put in housekeeping or property

Husband of ten years had affair. I found out. Kicked him out. He has demanded a divorce.

So to keep costs down I'm trying to draft a financial settlement after advice from a solicitor, just as a starting point. One major factor is keeping my home (many reasons), I obviously know the cost of the mortgage, council tax, energy bills, insurances, car maintenance but what else am I missing?

I need to roughly draft these and our Internet banking site is soooooo slow trying to estimate from costs over the last year is horrendous. STBXH earns very well whereas I was PT as our dds are 2 and 5 and he was quite financially controlling.

I have (with his written permission) carried out some work on the house which urgently needed doing, and have quotes for other maintenance work which should have been done this year. I can do the minor repairs but this is work which must be done. Certainly heaven forbid if I had to sell.

There is also like to do work where materials will be the main costs as I will do laboring myself. Don't know whether to include this. Like laying a brick path the length of the garden so my oldest doesn't fall (she is visually impaired).

wowfudge Sun 21-Feb-16 09:47:44

Don't forget things like telephone, broadband and TV costs.

I would include everything and you can always negotiate from there. Don't forget things like cutting hedges, pruning trees/shrubs and clearing gutters. These may not be things you can do yourself.

specialsubject Sun 21-Feb-16 10:58:20

I keep a list of all costs - you've already noted some of these. Apart from mortgage:

house insurance (buildings and contents)
gas or oil
TV licence
council tax
car tax
car insurance
car MoT
car maintenance
breakdown cover
clothes ( you and any kids)
window cleaning if you can't do it
house fixes - gutters, windows and the work you have identified.
boiler service
gardening - trimming, lawn mowing, tree control


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