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Bought a new house, lots of cracks.

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tkndnv Fri 19-Feb-16 05:36:24

Moved into our new house last week

Before we bought we had a structural surveyors report due to concerning cracks.

We knew the property suffered movement in the 1980s which had been sorted through remedial works.

He said the movement had not reoccurred so we decided to go for it.

However I hadn't realised just how bad the cracks are inside. There are some in every room and one that (to me) looks particularly bad around the arch of the front door (which sticks)

The house was replastered in the past few years so that means these cracks have occurred since then.

Could they be the old cracks coming through! I know plaster cracks as it dries but these aren't consistent with that.

I know no one can diagnose anything on the Internet but do you think this is bad? Could the surveyor have got it wrong? I know caveat emptor and all that. But we spent a fortune on that survey and can't afford another.

Please help. It's 5am and instead of enjoying my new house I'm lying awake feeling stressed.

HelpfulChap Fri 19-Feb-16 06:01:51

Difficult to tell over the internet obviously.

I do know how you are feeling though, we bought a house once and hated it from the day we moved in due to some unforeseen issues.

You have to put your practical head on now though. Are the cracks on the inside only or are they on the outside walls as well? Outside would be more serious, inside less so especially if the surveyor says it is old movement.

To test for outside movement a specialist will attach a sliding metal 'bar' to either side of the crack and over the period of several months they measure if the distance has widened, if not, then the movement has ceased.

Don't panic, your house isn't going to fall down.

Not sure if that was any help. Sorry

HelpfulChap Fri 19-Feb-16 06:06:17

Also, if the plastering was the old style (wet mixture on to brick) it might be the old cracks. Possibly worth considering having it redone with plasterboard?

tkndnv Fri 19-Feb-16 06:07:24

Thanks. They are outside too but the outside ones were looked at in the report and deemed to be historic.

Although the report also refers to some internal cracks, I hadn't realised there'd be so many and it's the fact it's been replastered and they're still there that's worrying me.

HelpfulChap Fri 19-Feb-16 06:14:55

If the outside ones are historic then I wouldn't fret too much. It means you dont have subsidence.

The internal ones can be sorted out. Seems like the replastering could have been done better. Personally I would plasterboard over the lot rather than trying to take all the old stuff off (costly and messy). Costs around £6-7 per square metre so you can get a rough estimate of likely cost.

You would need new coving etc.

For an internal door, get a new frame/door fitted before you get the plastering done.

tkndnv Fri 19-Feb-16 06:38:12

Thank you for replying.

I'm tying to remember that the surveyor (who is the expert after all) said it was ok. I guess I am feeling a bit overwhelmed with the move, and getting my first mortgage and leaving our old rented flat which I loved!

Im not good with change

HelpfulChap Fri 19-Feb-16 06:49:06

I have had sleepless nights over property issues so I can relate to your concerns.

Just remember, everything can be sorted given time and money. As long as the structure is basically sound you can sort the problems out over time. There is no great rush.

Congratulations on your new house and I'm sure once the initial concerns wane you will be very happy there.

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