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Can Anyone Give me an Idea of Cost of These Works?

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DimpleHands Wed 17-Feb-16 21:57:05

We live in a rather run-down Victorian 4 bed terrace in London and we'd like to do the following works. Can anyone give me an idea of what they think it would cost, roughly?

1. Do side return extension to the kitchen (to the side only - not going out the back), with velux and tiled roof. Ripping out old kitchen and replacing with new (with have a quote of about £25k for new kitchen and appliances).

2. Remove chimney breast and stack at rear of house (chimney breast in kitchen and above bedroom and chimney stack above that).

3. Moving two velux windows in roof up higher (with new veluxes).

4. Ripping out old bathroom and replacing with small shower room (including moving non-structural wall). (New bathroom should only cost about £2k in total.)

5. Replacing flooring throughout house (putting in wooden floor downstairs and carpet throughout the rest).

6. Putting in spotlights in three bedrooms, hall and landing.

7. Re-painting the whole of the inside of the house.

I have no idea so any guidance would be much appreciated!

Moving15 Wed 17-Feb-16 22:29:21

Roughly, including labour and mid range fittings...
1. Side return and kitchen, £60k
2. Removing chimney stack throughout rear, £5k maybe less if done at same time as side return
3. Moving 2 velux windows in roof, raises lots of questions but I'd guess £2k
4. Replacing old bathroom with shower room (not sure if your 2k figure refers to this) £4k
5. Wooden flooring downstairs £3k
Carpets upstairs £2k
6. Putting in spotlights, (I assume you mean recessed and that all the ceilings are not original plaster but plasterboarded) £500
7. Entire internal repaint £2500

All guesswork based on my experience of london Victorian housing! Good luck!

DimpleHands Wed 17-Feb-16 23:06:04

Thanks so much, Moving - sounds like you know what you're talking about! That was just what I was after.

Can I ask a couple of questions?

1. Is this exclusive or inclusive of VAT?

2. Re the spotlights, they are old ceilings I am afraid - so plaster I think. Would it still be possible to put in spotlights? The builders would have access to the ceilings from the rooms above - could they just drill holes in the existing ceiling? Or would the whole ceiling come down?!

Thank you, thank you!

Our absolute maximum budget is £90k so I'm hoping our builders agree with you on approx costs!

Moving15 Thu 18-Feb-16 18:44:17

I think you are best getting some real quotes so you know how far your money will go and what can be done. Remember there are always hidden surprises along the way with old houses so you need to keep some contingency back to cope with that. Good luck!

redhat Fri 19-Feb-16 08:37:50

If you can get an entire 4 bedroomed house repainted for 2500 in London you've done very well IMO. Prices here are between £400 and £600 per room and that's assuming the walls are in fairly good condition to start with. If you're needing them to strip off old wallpaper etc first then it will be more.

Moving15 Fri 19-Feb-16 12:17:28

If you are stripping wallpaper you probably need to budget for plaster repairs as a minimum!

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