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alternatives to halogen spotlights for kitchen

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Ragusa Thu 11-Feb-16 21:08:06

Hello everyone, can you give me some inspiration please?

We're redoing our kitchen and we don't like halogen spotlights so have opted not to have those.

Over the central island we will have a cooker hood thing with built in lights, but it's lighting for the rest of the space I'm struggling with- i.e., above the L shaped base unit area.

I've seen some pics on pinterest with pendant lights hanging over the worktop runs and the sink, which in principle I do like and we could have as we're not having wall cupboards, just base units, but I'm wondering:

- if this is actually allowed under building regs and part p or whatever the electrical standard is; seem to remember something about proximity of water to electrics...
- if they are going to be annoying re potential for bumping the lights when leaning over sink; DH is nearly 6 foot and I'm 5'8.
-if this arrangement is going to give enough light

The kitchen's a north-facing room, about 5.2m by 4 m, open plan to the dining area (which will have a string of pendants over the where the table's going to go). The kitchen itself has a fair-size window and a rooflight.

Would appreciate views.

Ragusa Thu 11-Feb-16 21:14:04

Sorry should have said, we don't have massively high ceilings. They're 240cm or thereabouts.

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