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How much to build this conservatory?! (picture)

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Draylon Wed 03-Feb-16 19:30:32

Near Salisbury, Wilts. A bit like this, found online, though see my measurements!

Looking to build a 3.5 x 2.5m conservatory on the back of a linked terraced house; no planning needed, electrics but no heating, 'Edwardian' style roof, all Pilkington glass, low wall base. Cat flap. One side wall, unlike the photo, will be a solid panel as it's up against the neighbour's Leylandii, and this panel and the brickwork will be plastered. Existing French window from house, new French windows into the garden.

What do you think?


TeaPleaseBob Wed 03-Feb-16 20:54:00

Not helpful but I'm following as thinking about almost exactly same thing (including neighbouring hedges that will need screened off)

Draylon Thu 04-Feb-16 08:16:01


orangina01 Thu 04-Feb-16 09:21:22

Probably not helpful but I wouldn't build a traditional conservatory on any house now as they are freezing in winter and boiling in summer. We had one and had to replace the roof with a proper roof with velux windows, it was the best money we have spent. Also I no longer have to look at a filthy conservatory roof! Ours was a Guardian roof system, we replaced all the windows too and used existing half wall. £12K. Hope that is useful.

LaFlottes Thu 04-Feb-16 09:50:28

Hi - we had something very similar to this built a couple of years ago. It was about £11k I think.

We had the pilkington glass in the roof and we had sliding doors fitted from the conservatory to the garden which we thought was neater.

Our garden was North West facing and we found the room was warm in summer, but we would just slide open the doors and it was lovely. In the winter, we had a small electric heater and this heated the conservatory nicely so we did use it all year round.

My parents have a 12 year old conservatory and it gets MUCH colder in the winter and hotter in summer so I think the new glass options have made conservatories a much better options.

Hope this helps.

CharmingChampignon Thu 04-Feb-16 10:02:57

Unhelpful but my neighbours recently had something v similar. We went round this summer and it was unbearable hot despite blinds etc. Would it be worth speaking to a builder about a proper extension. Our neighbour's conservatory was not remotely cheap.

namechangedtoday15 Thu 04-Feb-16 10:22:46

There was a FB thread recently about companies which have set up in recent years solely to replace the roof of conservatories to a proper tiled roof. I don't know anyone who has had one recently (so they may well have improved) but everyone I know who has moved to a house with one already built has either knocked it down and built a proper "garden room" (with brick walls, proper roof) or at least had the roof replaced. Otherwise, I think they have limited use.

Draylon Thu 04-Feb-16 10:44:37

It's definitely a conservatory needed, not a 'sun-room' though I take on board all comments.

I actually have a conservatory, built 6 or so years ago on the back of my east facing house (came with the house); and we use it a lot; it extends our enjoyment of the garden, but yes, in the depths of winter, it's cold; in high summer (remember those?!) it'd get hot.

The conservatory I'm asking about is for my DB's new house, hence why I know he'll only settle for same! He's got a quote already, which does include some other household electricals (like underfloor-heating a 1m2 bathroom floor) but I think it's excessive. I have emailed him to see if he got a broken down quote just for the conservatory, but this company (Apple) also verbally quoted 'about £2200' for the left hand door in the picture shock.....

MiaowTheCat Fri 05-Feb-16 03:40:45

MN in general is quite anti-conservatory though - although I love ours and we've used it all throughout the winter perfectly well (it's got a radiator in there and we keep the doors to it open so it doesn't get cold). Can't remember what the hell ours cost though.

evrybuddy Fri 05-Feb-16 07:53:27

We're finishing off a conservatory we had built now with 2/3 height walls to sides and 1/3 height wall to front.

35mm polycarbonate roof which is supposed to be almost as good as glass for heat retention etc

Price included removal of old conservatory and light and electrics.

It's much bigger than the one you're looking at at roughly 4m X 5m and a bit
and came in at just under £15k which is less than half the price of a conventional extension which is why we got it and because we didn't need a conventional extension as would be too dark.

Draylon Fri 12-Feb-16 17:17:25

Can I bump a bit now?

DB has had 3 quotes now; the first, by Apple, was £16000 (knocked down form 18k), with a couple of extra electrical things inside but no flooring, quoted on teh spot;

The second was £14000 inc flooring but no extra electricals (we're talking moving a plug and putting in the wiring for a light in the top-of-stairs cupboard and the underfloor bathroom heating), also quoted on the spot;

The final was £11,500-12,000, but the bloke is going to fine tune the actual itemised quote.

Know who I'd go with!

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