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replacing electric shower head

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movingonup2015 Wed 03-Feb-16 15:25:49

I currently have a mira sport electric shower and the shower head is a bit crappy and in most of the holes the water just dribbles out rather than sprays. I have tried soaking it to remove limescale, scrubbed it etc and I've decided to give up and buy a new one.

I thought this might be a chance to have an upgraded version, a bigger one with more spray on it etc. I know im never going to be able to have one of those rain type shower heads you can have on a thermostatic shower that runs off your boiler, but something better than I have now would be a bonus..

has anyone done this or can recommend a good one that will work with my shower?

Its not a power shower btw just normal electric one.


PigletJohn Wed 03-Feb-16 17:17:05

if you have more water flow, it will be colder.

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