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RSJ Design cost

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Hkay1981 Tue 12-Jan-16 13:42:25

We are currently in the process of finalising building regs drawings for a rear and side kitchen extension. This will involve some knocking through and installing four steel beams. We have had two quotes for the drawings for the beams which are between £550 and £600 which sounds a lot (without knowing much about these things!). Does anyone know if this is a reasonable quote?

buymeabook Tue 12-Jan-16 15:19:38

Sounds reasonable to me. Does that include the engineer having a look at the property too?

Remember that the engineer is (or should be) providing a professional service, not just knocking some numbers through a calculation to give you a size of beam. They will hopefully be considering aspects such as overall stability of the building, local stability of walls and bearing stresses at beam supports, impact on the foundations etc. They will most likely have a degree and be chartered, with experience to advise on problems that may arise. So if anything it sounds cheap to me. (Can you tell I'm an engineer???)

didireallysaythat Tue 12-Jan-16 16:13:45

I'm allowing £800 for the steel calculations for our extension. If it keeps the upstairs upstairs, it will the best £800 I've ever spent.

Hkay1981 Tue 12-Jan-16 16:16:44

Thanks very much for that. It's just I was surprised when these calcs were going to cost nearly as much as we have paid for the planning and building regs plans. One of the quotes is more detailed and specifies a site visit to establish constructions and drawing the designs as well as the actual calculations. I have asked the other (slightly cheaper) but less detailed quote what theirs includes.

Who knew it would cost so much before we have even started digging! 😳

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