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struggling to make a decision between two holiday flats

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Humphriescushion Mon 11-Jan-16 14:45:34

Looking at flats on the coast as a holiday home ( not this country, france near where we live) and investment.

Basically boils down to either: a large two bed, spacious, no work required two bed in a less popular area

Or a small, one bed, some work required in a popular, sought after area.

The two flats are the same price, but one is twice as large as the other.

We know and like the area for the smaller flat, don't know the other area but when we visit we like it but its in a poorer area.maybe up and coming ( or maybe not).

Both are walking distances to the beach ( we are buying as a holiday home). Both beaches are lovely but probably the expensive area is nicer ( but i know it well so maybe a familiarity thing).
One is a twenty minute walk uphill though which in the hot weather will not be easy. ( it will be hot in summer - france)

We are a couple with two dogs so don't need a huge amount of space, but i imagine family will want to come and stay, so this would be a problem in the smaller one, and we could not stay together ( dh insisits we buy to suit us not family!)

A bit stuck on this one but accept its a nice problem to have.

Qwebec Mon 11-Jan-16 21:41:49

If it is an investement the saught after one makes more sense.

1bed, 2bed I wouldsay depends of you lifestyle. <the people I know who have two bed rooms by the beach have friends& family over every weekend, they love it. You will probably have loads of people wanting to visit (and get a cheap holiday). If you would rather have peace and quiet a 1bed would allow you to simply give visitors the adress of a local B&B. It is about both of you and what you would prefer.
As for the area, well can't really comment on it as you are the one that saw both places.

Humphriescushion Tue 12-Jan-16 08:05:21

Thanks for the reply Qwebec,
I feel the sought after after has reached its peak and maybe the other area maybe up and coming so is hard to decide. Also a two bed has a wider market to sell to.

As for family and friends. I would love all the family there with us but dh does not want to buy somewhere based on this.

writing this down though has helped and I think i understand our differences on this and are closer to making a decision.

Sunnyshores Tue 12-Jan-16 13:42:45

It sounds as if the larger 2 bed is much more suitable BUT if it is the wrong area family wont want to come and you wont be able to resell it quickly or for more money. You could make a huge mistake if its not an up and coming area. Therefore Id do more research, in person if possible. Are there any ex pat communities there? village websites? tourist sites, any other properties there for rent on say villaowners etc?

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