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Steel framed timber gates - Manchester

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CheeseBadger Sun 03-Jan-16 22:16:44

Hi all. Any recommendations for companies to manufacture, supply and fit steel framed timber gates? Need to be steel framed due to slightly "urban" location. Old gates have been kicked in to the extent they're getting difficult to secure. Need to be well enough made and hung on solid enough hinges that they can be secured with mortice type locks for easy access from both sides. The current timber gates' hinges have sagged enough that they're difficult to open and close as well.

7MO DD on back of bicycle and DW ending maternity leave make this my current leading headache.

I've Googled Cheshire Metalcraft, and they look like a definite possibility. Any recommendations for other local(ish) companies? No need for automation. We're definitely not footballers. Thanks in advance...

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