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Octoberagain Sat 02-Jan-16 20:46:57


Has anyone used Kutchenhaus or have any experience of dealing with them?

Squashybanana Sun 03-Jan-16 18:41:29

We used them earlier this year. All fine, good design, good solid ready asembled units, mid priced (8k for a load of units and appliances). Sourced solid wood worktops elsewhere.

They were good with delivery dates, keeping us informed, delivering on time etc but because they make everything in Germany and ship it over it was a bit of a wait (IIRC about 6 to 8 weeks). This is the main problem actually - if they get the delivery wrong in any way, it takes some time to rectify as they seem to keep v little stock in the UK. In our case, there was a damaged cooker hood, had obviously been dropped and dented (replaced no quibbles the following day) and one single unit was delivered wrong - they delivered a high gloss white unit instead of a cream shaker. This was a PITA as the units were delivered on about 8th July, for fitting starting the following Monday, problem noticed as soon as fitters unpacked, but kutchenhaus couldn't deliver correct replacement until 4th Aug. So we had a gap in the kitchen for a few weeks. Luckily it was a wall unit incorrect so didn't prevent us fitting worktops etc but it would have been really inconvenient if it had been.

So overall the design and quality is good, the pricing fair for quality, easy to make bespoke items (we have a narrowed run of units where our wall runs round a chimney breast) and the communication good but it can be a pain if there is a problem with one of the German made units.

Octoberagain Tue 05-Jan-16 19:53:56

Thank you. Sounds like quite a smooth process as kitchen installation goes. I'm still considering just saying stuff it and using the money for a few holidays instead. grin

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