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shitzutwang Sat 31-Oct-15 08:38:22

We are first time buyers and wanted to know if anyone has been through the same situation, We were kind of accepted a place that we liked a couple of days ago, they told us they were not accepting any more applications and were happy with ours.
We sent over bank statements, credit reports ( which both are a excellent score ) payslips, and other things they required. Yesterday they said they accepted another application and were not happy with my bank statement i sent as it was the savings account. I now sent them one from my current account but i was quite over drawn so i wondered if the bank statement does not look so good how this can further affect our chances?
They did not tell us originally they needed that statement just that it had to show our account details, name and address. We dont have joint account as i am self employed and my partner pays for majority of the bills. I am very worried we may lost our chance now as we really liked that house. But cant do anything untill Monday now when they are re-open! They have everything they asked for now but they are not open in the weekends.

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