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Anyone with experience of septic tanks and problems...

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Finbar Thu 29-Oct-15 15:09:46

We are buying a property which has one. Just got a survey done on it and its not good news. Should we walk away now?

The tank is old, has a couple of broken bits which impair its effectiveness and it the guy inspecting it says it has definitely been blocked and backed up in the recent past.

That's bad isn't it?
Any good news stories out there?

specialsubject Thu 29-Oct-15 15:22:34

we have one that hasn't been emptied in years and it is fine. Yes, we check drains regularly and no, it is not flooding elsewhere that we can't see.

we put the normal stuff down toilets (Body waste and toilet paper, nothing else - same as on mains drainage) and use no bleach apart from what is in the dishwasher tablets. It has zero effect on how we live.

nothing wrong with having one but you need to find out what the costs are going to be to repair the definite problems with yours. Once you start replacing you also need (I think) a licence, again not a show stopper but get informed.

Panicmode1 Thu 29-Oct-15 15:28:26

My parents have had one which has worked perfectly for over 30 years of owning the house (which is about 100 years old). It has just failed spectacularly as some of the drains have collapsed, and the roof rainwater, which previously was legally allowed to run into the tank, is now an illegal system. They are currently spending over £10k to remedy the problems and rebuild the if you are going ahead, may be worth getting a CCTV survey to see what the issues are.

putcustardonit Thu 29-Oct-15 16:05:48

We had a new one last year, it's like an onion & cost £800.
We're careful about what we put down it but so far no problems.

Is the need for a new tank reflected in the price? I think I'd be tempted to reduce your offer.

Finbar Thu 29-Oct-15 17:13:10

Yes I think it will be a poitn of negotiation.
I can just feel myself going a bit luke warm over the house now and I didn't want to!

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