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Emmie412 Wed 09-Sep-15 17:26:01


we are thinking of moving out of London in the course of next year or so. We previously considered Faversham but mumsnet provided us with valuable information to the point that we scrapped that idea.

On paper Horsham looks great, easy commute to London, great schools and house prices more reasonable compared to London.
We are a family of four, husband would be commuting to London, I would like to find a job locally and we have DD1 who is 5 and now in Year 1 and DD2 who is 17 months.

1. What is Horsham like to live in? Is there a lot to do with kids? Are the people friendly? Is it international at all?

2. Where do people work? Do many commute to London or elsewhere?

3. Are the schools generally oversubscribed or is it generally easy to get an in-year placement? Is there a school to be avoided at all costs or are they generally all good?

4. Are there areas to avoid?

Many, many thanks!

mandy214 Wed 09-Sep-15 17:29:53

this might help

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