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Building work problems & taking responsibility

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Sioned11 Mon 31-Aug-15 23:01:04

A few months ago, we had a front door and facade replaced. Trouble is that now faults are appearing - it's hard to open/close/lock/unlock the door. A carpenter that was calling to do some other work expressed surprise at the quality of workmanship.

We've asked the original builder to look at the door - it's under warranty. He's coming but he's sounding peeved and I anticipate problems. In earlier correspondence, general stuff about the warranty, he said that if there were problems with the door, we'd have to go to the retailer (but we don't have a receipt as he sourced the door) - ditto with the paintwork.

But it's not the door itself that's the problem - it's the hanging of it.

I hope he puts right what was a very pricey job properly and willingly. If he's not prepared to, blaming, eg, the construction of the door (which wouldn't be right), is there legislation I can point to? I really hope that it doesn't come to that, of course. Thanks for any advice.

lalalonglegs Tue 01-Sep-15 08:55:13

Do you have a receipt and written warranty? If all else fails - and you have to give him ample chance to rectify the problem - get someone else in and take him to county court to recover the cost of that repair. Can you ask your carpenter exactly what is wrong with it so if the first builder says it's not him it's the door, you can say, "We've had someone look at it and it seems the xxx wasn't done properly."

lalalonglegs Tue 01-Sep-15 09:01:57

Thinking about it, the warranty is probably for the door itself rather than the work hanging it but at least it is evidence that the work was done recently.

Sioned11 Tue 01-Sep-15 10:22:34

Many thanks for your responses, lalalonglegs. Yes, we have a receipt for the work (but it doesn't include the cost to the builder of the door or adjacent panels) but the warranty itself was simply mentioned in an email from the builder when I enquired about its existence.

And, yes, the carpenter who popped round for another job, took the trouble to examine the door & advise us just what in his view had gone wrong which was very helpful.

I do hope the builder is reasonable about this. I hate confrontation of any kind! I'll update this thread after he's been to the house (rather reluctantly, I'm afraid - the tone of his emails is already unpleasant).

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