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Argh - urgent: nick in side of shower tray

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wowfudge Thu 06-Aug-15 20:15:50

Had bathroom flooring fitted today with plans for bathroom fitter coming over weekend to finish off bathroom.

I went to clean what I thought was adhesive off the outside corner of the shower tray and have discovered that when cutting the LVT a chip has been cut off the edge of the brand new, unused shower tray. It's only small, but noticeable to me when I walk in the room. It's also holding dirt (adhesive) so shows up more.

The guy who owns the flooring company has been to look, taken photos and assures me he wants to sort it out to my satisfaction.

I'm happy to accept a repair, but what would someone do to repair this? Might it polish out? It's not a part of the tray that will get wet in use, but it is right on the curved edge of an offset quad shower tray right where I notice it when I walk in the door!

AgnesGrey Fri 07-Aug-15 00:20:24

Dont't know where you are but these people did a chip repair on the edge of a composite worktop for me when we were temporarily renting a flat. It was a mottled pattern and I have to say they did a good job of it not being noticeable.

wowfudge Fri 07-Aug-15 07:51:16

Thanks Agnes - we are in NW and they are in Essex unfortunately. Worth knowing about the kind of repair you had done though.

I have had some time to research online and think about things and think the two minor (and they are tiny) nicks will polish out/smooth with a bit of metal polish on a cloth and only I will ever know they are there. The larger (all relative) chip can be filled with a minute amount of epoxy putty and smoothed off. They are really small. I just can't believe the fitter wasn't more careful.

I am going to propose the flooring company deducts the cost of the materials (it's going to be about £15-20) I'll need and a small amount for my inconvenience from the balance I still owe for the job.

AgnesGrey Fri 07-Aug-15 10:36:39

If you can fix yours then that's great. We wouldn't have been able to - it was just really to show you that there are firms which do cosmetic repairs on e.g. worktops , baths etc. But it sounds like you have a good solution smile

wowfudge Fri 07-Aug-15 10:53:16

I have located some white Miliput and am picking it up at lunchtime. Wet and dry paper ordered for collection from Screwfix too. Although I would rather it hadn't been chipped, I quite enjoy fiddly bits of repairs.

greenbanana Fri 07-Aug-15 13:14:00

I came on this thread to suggest Miliput! We had a chip in the outside of our shower tray when we moved into our new house, used Miliput and then smoothed with wet & dry paper (used it wet). Worked well (and it was quite a big chip).

wowfudge Fri 07-Aug-15 14:40:03

Good to know greenbanana - I'm ready to go, after the weekend as we're away. I've watched a couple of YouTube videos and have all the necessary bits - including masking tape. Bloke from flooring place has accepted my approach - after first wanting to arrange for the fitters to come and have a look at the damage, even though they aren't subbies, he's their boss and he's seen it and taken photographs hmm.

I said that was unnecessary and I didn't want them back anyway - I'm not having some bodged repair from one of them (didn't say that bit). They'd also given him some twaddle about how it was normal because of the way they cut the stuff! I said I knew how it had happened as it was obvious, but it clearly wasn't the right way to go about things.

wowfudge Sun 16-Aug-15 12:48:15

Just to update - I used white Milliput. Following a YouTube video I masked all round the chip, put a small amount of Milliput into it and sanded it down when dry with wet and dry paper. I then used some metal polish over the area to bring it to a shine. It isn't the same colour as the rest of the shower tray, but is less noticeable than the chip was.

The cost of the materials plus £20 as a gesture of goodwill were deducted from the balance due.

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