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Water gurgling up through kitchen sink when bath is drained

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cazzabazza Mon 16-Feb-15 13:34:35

I'm wondering if anyone can help with a plumbing related problem. We've recently moved into a rented house and have noticed that whenever the bath is drained (upstairs), there is a very loud gurgling noise, and water gurgles and splashes up through the sink in the kitchen. We've also noticed that water gurgles and splashes upstairs in the bath and bathroom basin when the kitchen sink is emptied downstairs.

Can anyone advise me what could possibly be causing this issue? And what needs to happen to resolve it?

Should the landlord be doing something to fix it, or is it something we will just have to live with? Bearing in mind that the landlord lived in the property themselves until very recently and must have been aware of the problem before we moved in, and probably chose to just live with it.

I must say I can't bear the thought of dirty bath water splashing around in the kitchen sink as I feel it's not very hygienic! But I don't know if we should be pushing the issue with the landlord on hygiene grounds, or if it's not really that bad and I just need to deal with it!

PigletJohn Mon 16-Feb-15 14:28:07

either a blockage, or a bad design/build of plumbing.

As you have not lived there long we don't know if it's always been like that (build), or has developed recently (recent suggests blockage)

Looking at the waste pipe/soil pipe connections and routes may give a clue. Post some pics. Look at the top of the soil pipe, which should be open, and above top floor window level. If it has been boxed in and is invisible it might be blocked at the top, or have a vent which is jammed, such as a Durgo. They are horrible things.

You could start with using washing soda crystals overnight in all plugholes.

I hope there is not a saniflow.

Possibly Environmental Health might take an interest. What happens when you flush a WC?

cazzabazza Mon 16-Feb-15 19:36:24

Thanks PigletJohn, your help is very much appreciated. I'll take a look on Wednesday when I'll be home during daylight hours and post some pics if I can.

Thankfully it does not seem to be connected to the toilet in any way as there is no gurgling/bubbling when the toilet is flushed - I would have no hesitation in pushing the matter with the landlord if this was the case!

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