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Which are more expensive, Crittall metal framed glass doors or bi-fold doors?

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Hollyhocks7 Fri 16-Jan-15 15:13:22

Just wondered whether anyone had compared prices? I want them for conventional kitchen doors opening onto back garden.

bilbodog Fri 16-Jan-15 15:40:06

crittall metal windows are doors were used in houses 1950's and older - are you trying to put in doors that match windows that are already there? Bi-fold doors are modern - but can be very expensive depending on where they come from. I would be putting in whatever works with the rest of the house and/or age of the house.

Hollyhocks7 Fri 16-Jan-15 16:19:44

But you can buy new double glazed versions of Crittall glass which look very good

Honesttodog Mon 02-Feb-15 21:34:53

Have just had a quote for our 2 French doors - from a crittall company - over£20k. Saw them in livingetc and now trying to see what alternatives there are. Our windows/doors are big due to high ceilings so we are going to have a big spend there whatever we choose. But I suspect a good bifold door will be cheaper.

Hollyhocks7 Mon 02-Feb-15 21:44:50

Oh dear, worse than I thought! I think I will find bi-fold doors annoying, as I tend to close doors to keep the breeze out! Will look into other types of French doors. Thanks for posting.

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