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Ikea hallestad worktops - anyone got one or seen them in the flesh

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sacbina Tue 23-Dec-14 00:01:47

before I take a very reluctant trip to Ikea, could anyone tell me if they have this, have seen it, considered it, rejected it

many thanks

sacbina Tue 23-Dec-14 10:28:03

morning bump?

WhatsItAllAbout123 Tue 23-Dec-14 18:46:03

We have the white one with the full metal effect edge strip. They are not being fitted for another few weeks and have been stored in their unopened packaging since October, so it's been ages since I last looked at them.

From memory, they are a matt white with a slight texture. The metal effect edge looks ok and not plasticky, though I don't recall it being cold / cool to the touch like real stainless steel would be.

I have no idea how they will hold up over time, but they have a long guarantee.

sacbina Wed 24-Dec-14 09:52:43

thanks what's. have to admit I'm a little bit worried whether the aluminium looks plasticy or not. u would hope that it's metal and not plastic, it's just the black/metal combo would go really well in my kitchen

anyone else? before I give and go to Ikea

noddyholder Wed 24-Dec-14 09:55:16

I had the black with silver in a utility several years ago The edging was definitely metal not plasticky at all

sacbina Wed 24-Dec-14 10:05:16

smile thanks noddy, that should sounds promising. I'm hopeful now

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