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converting kitchen to utility room.and dining room into a kitchen

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Janeyspamey Tue 16-Dec-14 01:37:44

So has anyone done it and if so, did it work ? Offered on a house with narrow galley kitchen but good sized dining room. Originally thought we could build an extension but it might intrude too much on separate garage and / or make side access too narrow. Currently kitchen only has space for under counter fridge - the freezer is in the garage and there is no room for a dryer. There is a large separate front room. Ideally I would have two receptive rooms though so dc would have space for their stuff.

AnnOnymity Tue 16-Dec-14 06:55:50

We considered converting our dining room into a kitchen in a previous house but the cost of reconfiguring pipe work/plumbing was prohibitive. As we were planning to sell a couple of years down the line we knew we could lose money by doing so. If it had been a 'forever' home it might have made sense though.

Janeyspamey Sun 21-Dec-14 22:42:22

Thanks Ann. Think it might be back to considering an extension then

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