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Finding new tenants

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mummyandbaby Mon 10-Nov-14 13:45:49

My tenants have given notice to move out of our 2 bed furnished flat after 6 years.

From my enquiries with local estate agents, their fees are extortionate for the amount of work they would do. They also want to charge for year 2 onwards.

We are ideally looking for professional people and have thought about advertising the flat ourselves but are unsure which websites are popular. Can anyone give me some suggestions.

Many thanks.

HaveToWearHeels Mon 10-Nov-14 16:35:17

Are you able to do all the checks you will need too ? In my opinion an agent does a lot of grunt work for the initial fee, which around here is one months rent. After that manage it yourselves if you are local. If someone does not want to go through and agent there is usually a reason for it.
We tried once to get a tenant ourselves, attracted some right strange ones (advertised unfurnised, came to view twice, decided they wanted it then just before signing asked us to furnish a 4 bed house) and people who didn't want to provide previous LL's details etc.

specialsubject Mon 10-Nov-14 18:15:04

assuming this is England - general going rate is 10% +VAT for tenant find,referencing and rent collection, plus extras for inventory. I pay £105 for each new lease which is money for old rope but no way round it.

you can do it yourselves - but find out what checks you need for all your insurances. And of course this also means you'll need to manage it yourselves.

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