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Hearing more noise from next door after electrical work

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NormaCore Sun 02-Nov-14 16:38:25

Just wondering if anyone had any advice or experience of this?

We had some sockets put in to the walls recently and now are hearing lots more noise from next door (terrace house). On some of the sockets on internal walls the electrician has almost gone through the wall - the plaster is sort of pushed out.

So I am wondering if he has gone too far through the walls and that is why we are hearing more noise? Is there anything that can be done - apart from take the sockets out and plaster over?

NormaCore Sun 02-Nov-14 20:30:41

Bump smile

PigletJohn Sun 02-Nov-14 20:40:59

the walls are probably nine inches thick. If the wall has been cracked, or there is a cavity, noise will get through it.

The metal backing boxes for the sockets will be 20mm, or possibly 25mm, deep, but might not be a good fit. The hole should be nowhere near penetrating the wall, unless it was done by somebody very clumsy using the wrong tools. If the plaster is bulging it is more likely because it is cracked and broken. If you mean it is bulging on your neighbours side, then it is an incompetent and unworkmanlike job.

IMO best practice is to pack the holes with sand and cement mortar so there is no gap, but most people think this is too much effort. You could experiment, in a single room, having the sockets taken off and, if there are cracks or gaps, having them packed with mortar to see if it helps. It is simple work, but you need someone with an understanding of electrical connections to do it safely. You could ask the electrician if he will do it, or most experienced small builders would know how. Mortar is better than plaster or filler because it is more dense. You can't do it successfully without removing the socket boxes. I have never timed it, but it could easily take half an hour per socket, which is why most people don't do it.

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