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Microwave to fit Howdens wall unit (290mm deep)

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jamiesmum112 Tue 17-Jun-14 21:35:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MillyMollyMama Tue 17-Jun-14 23:13:01

I thought all built in microwaves were 600 deep!!! Can you not alter a 600mm deep unit to accommodate a microwave? Seems a shame to buy a crap one when you could do so much better in a new kitchen. I think the planning is at fault too, to be honest. Why was space not allowed for the microwave in a 600 deep unit? Crazy!

CointreauVersial Tue 17-Jun-14 23:17:47

A wall unit?? Surely integrated ovens and microwaves fit in base units or towers, which are 600 deep. How would you fit a plate into a microwave which is so shallow?

Littlepicklehead Wed 18-Jun-14 09:23:44

I've been looking into a howdens kitchen with a microwave in a wall unit so watching with interest.

The size issue hadn't occurred to me, but surely if they make these units they must be usable? I'm hoping so anyway as we won't have a lot of surface space to put a microwave on...

NonnyMuss Wed 18-Jun-14 10:04:10

Is it this Lamona microwave?
Measurements say H382mm x W595mm x D320mm so if that one definitely fits then others should as well (like my lovely shiny Ikea one) grin

(Just thought, the outside of the microwave door fits flat to the outside of the cabinet door so sticks out of the unit a little IYSWIM, might account for the extra 30mm.)

jamiesmum112 Wed 18-Jun-14 20:01:35

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

NicolaWarren Sat 31-Jan-15 20:00:39

try the smeg mp322x

wotlarks Sun 01-Feb-15 00:01:02

We had the same problem, just had to return our first microwave as it was too big (we also wrongly assumed all integrated microwaves were the same size). We are now going with a Bosch which is 320mm deep, our Howdens designer said it would be fine. Having read the post above I'm now a bit nervous though!

PigletJohn Sun 01-Feb-15 02:46:15

Lamona appliances are overpriced crap not the best.

Kateskorner Sun 01-Feb-15 07:48:32

Have you seen

fussychica Sun 01-Feb-15 11:48:28

This is mine - has a grill too. Only 31.6 deep.

SandyRann Mon 13-Apr-15 21:51:10

Hi Wotlarks
I am having the same problem trying to find a micro to fit it's really hard did your microwave fit your howdens kitchen and if so which one did u get please??
Thank u
Sandy rann

Mimmie51 Tue 09-Feb-16 12:57:35

Hi just wandering how everyone got on with their microwaves ? I'm still scrawling through measurements for a new intergrated one for our howdens unit and it's driving me crazzzzzy 😩

nana110 Mon 23-May-16 18:05:02

We are trying to find a microwave to fit a Howdens kitchen wall unit and would be grateful if anyone could give us a model that they've actually fitted apart from the Lamona one. Thanks

lozx Mon 07-Nov-16 20:58:34


I was just wondering if you came to any conclusions as I am now in the same spot.

Many Thanks

Briette Mon 07-Nov-16 23:39:01

Not quite the same thing but I've just bought a Howdens kitchen with an annoying appliance sizing problem (I didn't want the Lamona versions but the ones I wanted to buy elsewhere were different shapes). I just sent the shop listings of the ones I liked to our Howdens salesperson - not our fitters - and he adjusted the unit specs to fit them perfectly and advised on the worktop (which we're sourcing elsewhere too). Haven't put the hob in yet but the oven fits the space just right so he seems to have done his job!

Not sure whether this is a general Howdens thing or we just got a good designer who was willing to help. I'd find some smaller microwaves and fire a list over to Howdens for their blessing.

Bobblette4 Mon 30-Jan-17 23:55:35

Did you have any luck?

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