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Bexley or Bromley?

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chocolatemartini Mon 02-Jun-14 22:14:30

I should know the answer to this as I come from SE London but why is Bexley as a borough so much cheaper than Bromley? Seems like Bexley has a lot going for it. I know Welling has a dodgy past and the st George's flags I saw there don't inspire confidence but Bexleyheath seems pretty nice.

Blackeyez09 Mon 02-Jun-14 22:24:28

Well it's World Cup so people are flying English flags
a lot now in support of England so don't let that put you off

Ludways Mon 02-Jun-14 22:31:10

Ha ha, I thought this was a baby names thread. Was coming on to say No No No!!

beaglesaresweet Tue 03-Jun-14 00:50:48

Bromley has much quicker connections to central London - 20min non stop to Victoria, though there are slower thains too. Bexley about 40-45 min.
Also Bromley is nearer some picturesque places in Kent - around Sevenoaks (obv car journey or train but easy).
Better shopping in Bromley.
But central Bromley is much more densely populated/built-up than Bexleyheath/Welling - they are proper suburbs and quiet.

chocolatemartini Tue 03-Jun-14 08:32:03

Thanks for your replies. We were comparing Hayes/ west Wickham to Bexleyheath more specifically. The Hayes line is very slow too, but I'm thinking Hayes school and the local primaries being popular keeps the prices high... Schools in Bexley aren't such a sure bet?

Thymeout Tue 03-Jun-14 11:24:25

Bexley has the 11+. Not so good for the 80% who don't get into grammar schools. Bromley - apart from the 2 superselectives, which take only about the top 5%, a lot from outside the borough - is fully comprehensive and Hayes, in particular, is a v popular and successful school. But all of them are better than the Bexley sec mods.

I'd agree with Beagles. No comparison between shopping in Bromley and Bexleyheath. I always use the fast Bromley South to Victoria train. Masses of buses, too, - as good as a shuttle service up and down the high street. Makes it quicker for me than catching a train from my local station.

chocolatemartini Tue 03-Jun-14 12:40:37

Yes the 11+ thing is quite a conundrum for us, people keep telling us our dc would pass the test, as dh and I were both pretty academic, but I don't like to make assumptions! Hayes school does look lovely but the kind of house we can buy there is much smaller than in Bexley

ChickenFajitasAndNachos Tue 03-Jun-14 12:53:14

I grew up near Bexleheath and thought it was a nice area, typical suburbia. My parents commuted into London. I was lucky that I passed my 11 plus so went to one of the grammar schools. Have you looked at Bexley village and Sidcup?

chocolatemartini Tue 03-Jun-14 14:31:57

Which grammar did you go to chicken if you don't mind me asking? And can you point us in the direction of any good primaries? Or areas to avoid?

ChickenFajitasAndNachos Tue 03-Jun-14 14:41:45

I will PM you if that's ok.

chocolatemartini Tue 03-Jun-14 15:38:13


chocolatemartini Tue 03-Jun-14 16:16:10

Oh and yes Bexley village and Sidcup also definitely on our possible list

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