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How to choose wall colours for a small house?

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hiddenhome Fri 28-Mar-14 21:58:22

The rooms aren't large and I usually go for lighter colours, but I have painted our bedroom in a nice blue/green colour and it looks okay.

When we move I'd like to have some colours, but am worried that I'll choose the wrong ones for small rooms.

I like natural, vintage type colours. I don't like bright colours.

Can anybody recommend anything or have any suggestions as to what might look nice?

I'm hopeless with interior decorating stuff grin

mamijacacalys Sat 29-Mar-14 20:13:26

Our house is a cottage built in 1879. Small low rooms! I am extremely picky about wall colours and will try a gazillion tester pots to get the right shade.

Pale colours we currently have are:
Dulux palm wood -pale green in lounge. Old colour, has to be mixed.
Dulux mellow mocha in study.
Dulux jade white in kitchen and futility room.
Dulux PBW hall stairs and landing but may soon be Dulux endurance'd in a pale grey colour.
F&B Blackened - grey- in our bedroom.
Kids have Dulux bright colours In their rooms.

Previous other pale colours have been:
F&B pale powder
Dulux rice paper (proper yellowy creamy colour that does not have the pink undertones of magnolia). Has to be mixed as is old colour.
Crown gentle yellow.
Dulux violet white.
Dulux soft peach.

HTH smile

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