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Topsham, Exeter- good for families? M5 noise? School entry?

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caramelgirl Fri 28-Feb-14 08:48:12

After alot of indecisive wibbling re: housing/jobs we thought we had settled on Exeter, Topsham in particular- we really really loved Stoke Hill school in Pennsylvania but the area didn't feel like a v tight community. We looked all around Exeter but failed to actually get to Topsham (small baby, woolly thinking).

Anyway, about to head down to house hunt in a bit of a hurry. Had some specific questions which might save a wasted trip.

1) is it a nice place for families? Reason I thought it looked preferable to Pennsylvania/ St Leonard's etc. was that it had its own shops, pub, bit more self sufficient, tho ' still nearish to city centre. But it also looks quite touristy and retirement properties crop up alot.
Do children get to run around together and play? (Somewhat idyllic image of village life keeps tempting me, at all realistic?).

2) can you hear the motorway? Big issue for us, again, silly not to have visited when we were down there, but would be grateful for opinions.

3) school; Topsham school looks oversubscribed. Anyone managed to get in when moving down (particularly disastrous for us as DD is due to start reception in September). Otherwise are there nearby private schools where children are still part of the local community- big deal for me, I "commuted" out if area and had v few local friends.

4) finally flooding: and I hope raising the issue is not in bad taste, I can't find out anywhere else- estate agents won't tell me, council cited data protection on me and environment agency website is a bit duff I think. Has Topshsm housing been affected? Have seen pictures/footage of roads flooding but not housing. Has access been affected.

Very long, sorry, and Thank You for any insights.

OnePlanOnHouzz Fri 28-Feb-14 09:16:57

I would put up with most things just to be that close to Darts farm !!! love that place !! ( 90mins drive from me !!)

spababe Fri 28-Feb-14 09:38:14

I don't live there but in another village 20 mins away. I visit Topsham to go to the hairdressers (!)

1) I think it is very yummy mummy. House prices higher than other villages in the area and higher than Exeter. Bit snobby there tbh. Don't know about social interaction but I know everyone knows everyone else. Great play area down by the river. Outdoor swimming pool great for Summer and also where school has lessons I think.

2) You can't hear the motorway in the main town bit but you can from some of the houses on the outskirts in the motorway direction.

3) don't know about schools sorry. Check secondarys - not sure if Topsham children go to Exeter or Exmouth. Local private at Lympstone takes children until age 13 and have good reports of this. There was also a Montessori pre- school - not sure if this still is there

4) As far as I know flooding was down by the river and the goat walk was party washed away

Sorry to be so vague but thought something might be better than nothing

waceystills Fri 28-Feb-14 09:56:46

Not that far from where I am and I think it is a lovely area.

Not sure about schools, but facilities and family days out are plentiful around here.

I love Exeter I do smile

KouignAmann Fri 28-Feb-14 10:10:29

My kids grew up there. Lovely old fashioned place. Everybody knows you and your business. Safe for all ages. School overfull. Next best is lady seaward school at clyst st George. Secondary is is a college or exmouth community unless church goers in which case st peters c of e high school. Town is buzzy and fun for all ages except maybe 20 to 30 age group. Houses overpriced but car free life is easy. Excellent cycle trail up and down river. Flooding was on lower road only and council helped lots. This happens quite often so most people were prepared and no major damage. Avoid ferry road and the strand and no problem. PM me if you want more info. I'm a fan as you can tell.

KouignAmann Fri 28-Feb-14 10:14:21

Forgot to say about motorway,houses in north of town affected when wind is from north (so Retreat Drive and new court road) but they are cheaper too. Huge estate being built between Topsham and new IKEA .

caramelgirl Fri 28-Feb-14 12:18:08

Thank you, this is fantastic! Really helpful and v kind of you all to take the time. Rather excited re prospect of Ikea too- first house we'll own so will need furniture (and 1,000 cheap tealights, obvs).
Will research Darts Farm, thank you for the tip.
And may well take you up on PM when have done more research and can ask some intelligent questions.

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