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Anyone fitted an all glass internal screen and door??

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snailsontour Wed 26-Feb-14 17:34:46

We are going to have an internal glass screen and door fitted in our hall to form a lobby area behind the front door.
I don't want to be constantly cleaning this thing - vaulted ceiling...
Anyone done this? Any issues, things I need to be aware of? Things you wish you'd done different?

MillyMollyMama Wed 26-Feb-14 18:12:08

We have a glass screen and door that separates our en suite bathroom from the corridor that leads to the bedroom. The glass is partially opaque and the whole bedroom area is only used by DH and I so although some privacy was necessary we have found the solution wonderful.

It lets light into the corridor which otherwise has no natural light. The glass was made to fit and has steel hinges for the door. The glass goes right up to the ceiling and the panels to the right and left of the door are fixed to the walls and floor which are tiled with large format tiles. This means the glass and tiles give a very clean finish. We just use a glass cleaner every so often but you do get a few marks if the door handle is not used. However we are careful to use it and not just push the door.

If you need light, it is a great solution but get the glass company to measure and install. Mistakes in measuring would be very expensive.

snailsontour Thu 27-Feb-14 18:27:47

Ooh, you've got me thinking I need a glass screen and door as well now in the to be made new corridor that my dressing room will be off!
The company we are using for our new windows will be measuring up for it as I can see there is no margin for error.

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