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Is it easy (cheapish) to install a washing machine in a cupboard not next to kitchen/bathroom?

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sleepyhead Sun 23-Feb-14 14:39:22

We've got a big walk in cupboard (approx 7x3.5ft) at the end of our hall which we're putting a condenser tumble dryer in. It has lighting and power sockets in there already, and we plan to have the door ajar when running the dryer but may end up putting a vent in the door.

It occurred to me that if we could move the washing machine into this cupboard as well, it would give us space in the kitchen for a dishwasher which would make me Very Happy grin.

This is all just musing - we don't have the money to do any work at the moment, nor to buy a dishwasher - but I'd be interested to know whether it would be possible for the future.

It's a 2nd floor flat, the cupboard is at the opposite end of the hall from the kitchen and bathroom and has no external walls. Would it still be possible (and not prohibitively expensive) to have plumbing put in for a washing machine?

ThunderboltKid Sun 23-Feb-14 19:55:51

Unlikely. You might be able to run water pipes and waste under the floorboards; but depends on the floor in your flat. Likely to be prohibitively expensive, and require pulling floorboards up.

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